What are the Key Elements
of an Effective Business Strategy?
Bonus video interview with Karthik Siva.
Upcoming Workshop:
19-21 Nov 2019
The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Morning 10am - Evening 10pm
Chiau Haw Choon
Group CEO of Chin Hin Group
(SMC 1)
What I enjoyed most were the case studies & insights that Karthik shared not from textbooks but from his vast experience with international corporations and governments. It was a great inspiration to me. It is also great learning for me to know not only strategies of successful corporations but also mistakes they made and how they cascaded their strategy to their corporation. This masterclass is extremely powerful for CEOs with organisation with more than few hundred staff.
Dato’ Phum Ang Kia
Co-Founder of Advancecon Group
(SMC 1)
What I enjoyed most is the opportunity to be able to meet with CEOs from different industries. It helped me to understand that in an ever changing environment, you require a robust strategy. The most valuable lesson I learnt is that we can’t fight the economy, our strategy needs to take economy into serious consideration. I also like the positioning map, to know how to position our company in the market. I would recommend this programme to other CEOs because it can inspire them to have a clear strategy, positioning and to bring their company to the next level.
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